[Picture] V.O.S 's Kim Kyung Rok's new look!

VOS Member Kim Kyung-rok is flaunting his new V-line.

On SBS Radio Power FM “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time,” Kim Kyung-rok showed off his new look after losing 10kg (20-22 lbs).On this same date (June 8th) last year, Kim Kyung-rok finished his solo album promotions and revealed that he was going to go on a diet. It seems like he kept his words.

Netizens gave positive comments to Kyung-rok:
- “His V-line shows to its fullest“
- “Tell us your diet method!”
- “We went to the same gym…I guess you’ve succeeded!”
- “You still looked good before the diet“

* Kim Kyung-rok is both the lyricist and composer for new boy group TOA‘s (Top of Asia) new single “Because I Love You More”. Here is a little sample of his music: