[Picture] Beast Member Yong Junhyung Took A Picture With Son Dam Bi?


Yong Junhyung, from the male idol group BEAST, got to take a picture with his ideal type Son Dambi?

On the 16th, the staff of SBS had posted the picture of BEAST’s no-makeup face they took, when they had visited their dorm, on their official homepage.

Especially, in one of the pictures is Yong Junhyung making a V shape with his fingers while holding up a picture of Son Dambi’s Soju advertisement. He is causing the laughter among the fans because in the past he had revealed that Son Dambi was his ideal type.

Other than that, there is also a picture of Yoon Doojoon with an unpeeled tangerine in his mouth as a whole with satisfied smile on his face, showing the hidden lifestyle of BEAST.

Credits: Max Movie(SOURCE); aoistars@B2STRising(TRANS)