[News/Pictures] Park Yong Ha's funeral full of tears

As we all know, recently Park Yong Ha, the actor we may know played in Winter Sonata, commited suicide.
Today, June 30th in St.Mary Hospital Kangnam they held a funeral for the beloved Park Yong Ha.
Actor and a singer too, Park Yong Ha was found died in his house at 5 am.
A lot of famous people gave their very deep condolences on his funeral such as, Choi Ji Woo, C.N. Blue, KimBum (the pictures is on another articles), Seo In Gook, Gummy, Lynn, Kangta, Song Seung Hoon, Lee Byung Hun, Shin Seung Hoon, Jung Il Woo, Kim Min Jung and many others.

The funeral was full of tears and sadness atmosphere.
Not just on this funeral, all of Park Yong Ha's fans and people who knew him on his lifetime would be so sad too. Super Junior Donghae on his latest tweet was also mentioned about his condolence to Park Yong Ha.
Over all, we give you our deepest condolence, Mr. Park Yong Ha.

cr pictures :newsen