[News]Lee Na-young confirmed for Runaway with Rain

Lee Na-young has been finalized as Rain’s co-star in the action-spy drama Runaway, which makes it her first drama in six years (since 2004’s Ireland). Having played quirky characters in the past (and a transgender role in her most recent movie, Dad Likes Women), this drama will give her a chance to showcase a completely different image from her previous roles.

Lee stars as Jin-yi, who approaches main character Ji-woo (Rain) under false pretenses. In order to get close to her objective, she becomes entangled with Ji-woo, and afterward the two must lie to each other repeatedly to cover up their real motives. Naturally, he ends up falling for her in this “unique romance.” Jin-yi is a woman who appears innocent on the outside, but possesses a sexy charm and has a “cat-like” quality as she keeps her true intentions hidden.

According to Lee’s reps at KeyEast, she chose the role because “It stands out with its high-quality script and a female lead character who has a fresh appeal that hasn’t been seen before. After talking with producers recently and hearing that it would be a ‘well-made’ [high production value] drama, I’m really looking forward to it.”

Lee Na-young has already worked with writer Chun Sung-il in Dad Likes Women, and this project reteams Chun with director Kwak Jung-hwan of Chuno. The story actually sounds pretty familiar — it recalls Chun’s previous action-spy movie Level 7 Civil Servant, which by the way is ALSO getting a drama adaptation — so I’m counting on the directing to set it apart with PD Kwak’s trademark stylish flair. In fact, I wonder if this one will end up stealing the thunder from the Civil Servant drama. (Because the premises sound so similar, one key difference will have to be tone — this one may skew more action-drama, while the original Civil Servant was much more comedic.)

The drama will take place in a number of Asian cities, requiring location shoots in Busan, Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Shanghai, Macau, and Hong Kong. Runaway will begin filming in mid-June. It is planning for a late-September premiere on KBS.

Via TV Report