[News]How Much Did Narsha’s Solo MV Cost?

Narsha of the Brown Eyed Girls has been working hard on preparations for her solo debut, which will take place in July; her most recent accomplishment on this project was finishing music video shootings on the 16th of June. Right after finishing this at 7AM on that day, she ran straight to a recording for Invincible Youth, which should give you an idea of exactly how much pressure she’s been under lately to bring her fans some great tracks.

However, what’s even more intriguing about Narsha’s progress is the amount of money spent on creating her music video. While most artists waste an average of 20 to 30 thousand won on their music videos (and very rarely ever exceed having excess spent money reach a total of 50 thousand won), representatives revealed that they had spent a whopping total of 10 million won on the video alone! Because they spent so much, the people working with Narsha are afraid that they won’t earn much money in return. However, because of the extra hard work and effort their idol has been putting in for them, the producers have been more than happy in helping her “come out with good songs and music videos” regardless of the cost.

In return for the enormous effort and money placed into her solo debut for your enjoyment, Narsha asks that you “please look forward to the album,” especially since she’s the “first member [of Brown Eyed Girls] to solo debut.” !

Source: Newsen

Translation: yunyoun@BEG Asia + LuvGa-in@BEG International Forum