[news]'Hot Brothers' - 'Lee Kikwang Is A Hot-Tempered Boy' The Results of the Personality Analysis?

There was an analysis of boy group BEAST's Lee Kikwang's hot-tempered personality.

On the 6th of the broadcasted MBC 'Sunday Sunday Night' (Sunday Night) in the corner 'Hot Brothers', the personality analysis of brother Park Myungsoo, Kim Goora, Lee Kikwang, Simon D (real name, Jung Kisuk), No Yoomin, Han Sangmin, and Tak Jaehoon were revealed.

On this day, a 'Know Your Brother' feature was prepared on 'Hot Brothers'. With the Avatar blind date that was covered two times, they prepared this corner with the start of the question 'How much do you know each other?' to the brothers who went out to target the girls [during the date].

The 'Know Your Brother' feature was organized with a psychological action analysis of one person in the 'Getting To Know Your Brother Project'. Through this unexpected and rampant situation, the brothers got to find out each other's mentality, human nature, and personality.

With Lee Kikwang's high school situation, they got a sense of his personality. In the beginning, Lee Kikwang was the class's best [student]. But, at the very end, he was accused of being a robber for stealing the wallets of fellow students.

Lee Kikwang continued to endure this unexpected situation, and when he was accused of being a robber, he became angry and showed a hot-tempered character. As Lee Kikwang was falsely accused, the misunderstanding teacher, who had the "the meaning of reversing the mood" all of a sudden, commanded Lee Kikwang to sing and dance. But, he [Kikwang] said "I can't sing and dance" as if he didn't release all his anger yet.

After, the mentality specialist who observed Lee Kikwang's situation said, "His personality deals with the wrong thing and [keeps] going. Because calmness and supervision is evident, it [his personality] would work well in teamwork."

CREDITS: NEWSEN (SOURCE); kiwiannabear@B2ST Rising (TRANS)