[news] ZE:A's Siwan turns into a Visual Director for their comeback

ZE:A's member Siwan has transformed into their Visual Director for their 3rd mini album

Siwan has been the visual director, attending meetings to think about concepts and the style of costumes, even becomes the stylist of the group. Siwan has been directly involved in the concept of their new album, he has been presenting concept sketches to improve the quality of the album.

Siwan who had a unique sense of fashion among the group took the freedom to mix and match clothings for their next album concept, he will be turning ZE:A into the next generation of fashionista's.

Siwan actually has a scrapbook album he has been saving for the last few years, in it is a collection of clothes from fashion designers including fashion designer jackets and more clothes which he showed to brainstorm for the concept of the album. The staff showed their admiration at his dedication for ZE:A.

His agency said, "Siwan is interested in fashion, he follows many international fashion magazines and he is constantly studying the new trend".

He continued, "Siwan even if they are in the waiting room or in a vehicle on their way to a schedule, he would steadily cut out clippings from magazines to brainstorm for the design and concept of their upcoming album".

"Having a racing concept is quite rare, and Kevin was watching 'Fast and the Furious' and it sparked as an inspiration for the stylist and kevin for a racing concept for their new album".

meanwhile, ZE:A's new album will be released on the 8th of July through various music sites.

Source: Osen
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ Dailykpopnews