[NEWS] U-KISS Dongho Appointed As "Nation's Younger Brother"

One of the casts of movie "Upstair's Villain" is receiving lots of lovecall prior to the movie's filming.

U-KISS's youngest member, Dongho, is crowned as the "Nation's younger brother".

The official from U-KISS's agency said "Dongho has been asked to appear in various drama and movie such as KBS 'God Of Study' and MBC 'Road Number One'. Even though Dongho passed the casting test, due to U-KISS's tight schedules, we have to turn down the offers. However, we are thankful for the interest that the productions have shown in Dongho."

Dongho was supposed to debut as an actor in MBC drama 'Road Number One', however, the schedules of shooting the drama overlap with U-KISS's schedules.

Recently, Dongho was casted in a movie "Upstair's Villain". In "Upstair's Villain", Dongho plays a role of a popular boy in school. In addition, it has been said that Dongho has been receiving lots of lovecalls to be starring in various drama, and one of them is a drama that will be aired on SBS broadcasting television.

An official from that particular drama production evaluated "Dongho appeared with an innocent image in various variety programs. Dongho might be young but since he has yet to find a specific character that suit himself, people are interested to see him growing as an actor."

U-KISS has just finished promoting their last album, and is preparing for their new album currently.

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