[News] TOP turns the heat up on worldwide iTunes charts!

Within days of the release of his new single "Turn It Up", TOP has turned it up not only on many korean charts, but also on iTunes charts!

Top 5 iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap Singles Chart : Japan (#4)
Top 10 iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap Single Chart : Netherlands (#9), Finland (#9), Australia (#10)
Top 50 iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap Singles Chart : New Zealand (#22), Italy (#36), France (#42), Canada (#42)
Top 100 iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap Singles Chart : United Kingdom (#60), USA (#98)

TOP's fame is certainly not confined only to Korea but it has also spread to countries like Netherlands, Australia and Italy too! Let's hope our favourite Bigbang rapper will continue have a successful solo debut!

Chart info from: DFSB.KR