[News] Super Junior Kyuhyun doesn't allow exaggeration

In Come To Play Nolleowa Special last May 31, 2010 wherein Idol Groups Super Junior and Wonder Girls are guest, Super Junior shared their unforgettable experiences during their Asian tours. Leeteuk and Heechul mentioned special treatments they had received in Asian countries. But contrast to it, Kyuhyun often opposed his hyungs’ statement implying that it’s exaggeratedly stated. Kyuhyun, known for being witty and clever towards his members said that they do received special treatment but not to the extent like of those what his hyung’s trying to make believe.

Because of his “honesty” Super Junior members and even Wonder Girls set to chaos and laughter. Surely, this magnae really doesn’t allow exaggeration at all. Be careful to your stories big bros, or else “honest” Kyuhyun will exposed you.. LOL.


Watch Kyuhyun's cuts from Come To Play below.

Video cr= subs: chokyuding YT