[News] SHInee Onew's Fanboard Message

[ONEW] I miss~ you all~

Hahahaha.. secretly writing a message..
I miss everyone^^
Now the musical is also over..
I want to quickly see everyone; let everyone listen to good songs~
Everytime I'm on stage, the love that everyone gives? What to do~
Thinking back to those cheers..^^
Although I also felt it during the last performance of the musical~
But everyone is our most beloved people~ Do you know^^?
I will always let you listen to good songs~ So we have to be together forever!
This...it's been so long since I wrote a message; I'm a bit rusty...ㅎ
Please just wait a bit more^^
I'm always very thankful^^ Fighting...!!

-Sincerely, Onew-

Source: Shakizi | SHINee's Message Board
Translation: forevermoreandmore @ soompi