[News] Seung A and Ji Sook Debuts as Entertainment MCs

Girl group Rainbow’s tomboy Kim Ji Sook and Oh Seung A will be the MCs of the new TV program, Y-Star ranking news show “Quick Impulse (?)”.

Kim Ji Sook, who appeared as a guest DJ for 'Starry Night' along with Park Kyung Lim, has proven her ability to speak skillfully. Oh Seung A, after appearing on the SBS Comedy Show, has also showed her realistic side and was recognized for having lots of overflowing “energy”.

Oh Seung A and Kim Ji Sook are debuting as MCs for the first time, together. "I am very happy that Seung A and Ji Sook are working together. They said that being MCs do give them some tense feelings and they’re also very nervous, but with this specially given opportunity, they consider it to be an honor" said their speaker.

Oh Seung A said: “I have been carefully studying the entertainment news and have been preparing hard for this position, but first I will just try my best to appear lively and friendly.” Kim Ji Sook said: “I want to make the program just as happy as the Rainbow.”

This show will be showing the hottest entertainment news of the week at a glance. It will be featuring entertainment news that ranks from Top 10 to Top 1 of of the week. The program also consists topics that ranging from the hottest current issues to entertainment breaking news. If you don’t have time to follow all the weekly hot topics, this show is here to give you the most updated and accurate summary of what’s going on with your favorite stars as well as what’s going on in the entertainment industry.

The first broadcast of “Quick Impulse (?)” will be on the 5th of June, and continuing every Saturday at 11am on the Y-Star channel.

Translation: MiMi@P7
Original News: Mydaily