[news] Secret's Zinger's first meeting with Sunye and CL through dance school

Zinger, who had already possessed the dream of becoming a singer, started to attend dance school in her second year of junior high. At that time, she had made friends with the people who became the top idol members they are today.

"My friends back from school are now active today as famous idol group members. I was close to 4minute's Hyuna, Kara's Han Seungyeon, 2NE1's CL, and Wonder Girl's Sunye. I was closest to Sunye and CL. (laugh)"

These junior high students ate together, shared their personal stories about music, and worked hard to make their dreams a reality. But the chance first came to CL and Sunye.

"The dance school's leader at the time held many auditions but I couldn't go to school often so I had little chance. I saw Sunye enter JYP and thought 'This is how much work the dream of a singer requires.' I saw my friends become more successful, so I became sad often. I would usually blame the environment I was in."

After the years passed with these individuals practicing at their own companies, they held a little reunion a few days ago when their promotions collided.

"When Sunye went away to her company, we lost touch and met again at a recent music show. It was so good to see each other. I saw Chaerin(CL) when she was promoting 'Please Don't Go.' I greeted her but I guess it'd had been so long that she didn't recognize me. But eventually she did and we greeted each other as friends.(laughter"

As Zinger saw her friends go their own ways, she decided she could not just watch and worked harder to earn her opportunity.

"I participated in my first dance competition in my third year of junior high. I danced to BoA's 'My Name' and won first place. I earned $300 as a prize and that was the first time I had received income through dancing. After that, I went to other competitions and won many times. (laughter)

However, although many people knew of Zinger's skill, an opportunity still hadn't come upon her. She travelled many times since she hadn't found a company until her second year of high school.

"When I was in my second year of high school, I was in a slump for a while. My dancing, as well as grades, started to drop. Ever since elementary school, I would show my parents my hard-earned report card but at that time I didn't show them. (laughter) And because I had that attitude, I started to care less about college.

Zinger said the biggest help to her during her slump was the support of the people who surrounded her.

"If I had a school festival, the neighborhood ahjumma and ahjusshis would come and cheer for me. They enjoyed my imperfect stage so much, I started to gain encouragement.(laughter)"

After winning the gold at another competition, Zinger's confidence overflowed more than ever. She had her own motto that as long as there is rapping and dancing at her side, she could lose to no one. No one knew that this motto would make her into the successful person she is today- not even Zinger herself.

Source: AsiaE
Translated by pinkiyoojin @ omona_prection