[News] Ryeowook cried when recording ' A short journey/Goodbye' ?

Super Junior member Ryeowook replied to his fans on UFO recently saying:

Fan : The voice...once I heard it I burst into tears..*
Ryeowook : I also cried once at the recording studio

Fan : No matter what anyone says, E.L.F will protect Super Junior. So fighting !
Ryeowook : Fighting !!!^^

The fan talked about the song "잠시만 Good Bye (A Short Journey)" which having Kangin participated in before he enters the army

I believe everybody is upset about Kangin enterting the army for 2 years and i guess maybe ryeowook thinks about him or even met him at the recording studio.( they don't live together) The song is composed by Donghae, lyrics written by Eunhyuk and the whole song, well, seems to be dedicated to Kangin and it sounds like Kangin's message to his fans. There are words such as ' I will be leaving for a short while' etc. Lets say ' Fighting/hwaiting' to super junior for going through so many hardships!

Reported by Ting18♥@dailykpopnews
Credits: SJ world for translation.