[NEWS] ‘Radio Star’ Kim Gu Ra, f(x)’s English 9x9 Multiplication Humiliation

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English grammar graduate, Kim Gu Ra is again humiliated due to ‘English’.

On the 16th, MBC was broadcasted and their guest was the girl group f(x) - Victoria, Krystal, Amber, Sulli, Luna. MC’ed by Kim Guk Jin, Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Gu Ra and Shin Jong Hwan, they had made the viewers enjoy the show.

Breaking the peace and harmony moment, all of a sudden, Shin Jong Hwan proposed a dialogue in English while bumping Kim Gu Ra’s hand.

While cooling from the heat of embarrassment, Kim Gu Ra tried to get away with the suggestion and changing the subject but Shin Jong Hwan stubbornly ignored him and asked the f(x)’s member to give a question first. f(x) asked in English “9 times 8” and after taking a long time to calculate in his mind (while being blur), Kim Gu Ra answered “27" and everyone laughed out loud.

“Are you sure you are an English Grammar graduate?” They asked and he answered “At the school of English Grammar, we don’t learn 9x9 multiplications” trying to make out for his mistake but it was too late and making the humiliation worst.

Source: NTN Seoul
Translated by youth69@iheartf(x)