[News] Pastor Jaeson Ma and Sean Ask For Prayers For Korean Entertainers


Earlier today, we received the tragic information that actor Park Yong Ha had committed suicide. This tragic even is just one part of the rising statistic of suicides within the Korean entertainment industry. This horrible story is a reflection of ones we have heard in the past, but this makes it no less horrible to read.

Sean of Jinusean and Christian pastor and artists Jaeson Ma have come together in an effort to get fans of ALL Korean artists and entertainers to pray for them. They want the fans to pray for those who are constantly hounded by the media and made to feel bad about themselves with negative words.

In a recent Twitter post by Jaeson Ma, which was retweeted by Sean, he asked of fans, "Pray for Korean artists & entertainers daily at 9pm PST or 1PM Korea time for 5 min"

The Twitter post was not directly related to the tragic death of Park Yong Ha, but the fact the two happened at similar times drives home the need for people to say prayers for these artists who are preyed upon with negativity.

If you are unfamiliar with Pastor Jaeson Ma, he is friends with many artists and entertainers from YG and SM entertainment and was recently pictured with 2NE1 in LA having lunch with the girl group. As a pastor, an artist, and a friend to all these people, it is easy to see why he would feel so strongly about this matter, something fans will readily agree with.

Cr:chris@Hello Kpop