[news] Park Myeong soo humiliated for being 2cm shorter to Gi Kwang

On the latest episode of "Sunday Night Hot Brothers" which was aired on the 27th, comedian Park Myeong Soo was embarrassed for being 2cm shorter to BEAST's Gi Kwang.

Gi Kwang was the youngest in the room, and there was a sudden face to face challenge on who was taller among the men. At first Park Myeong Soo was confident that he was taller than Gi Kwang.

Although, he got panicked when Gi Kwang said that he is 170 cm tall, Park Myeong Soo said to him, "I'm 168cm tall, your 170cm tall?? Are you kidding me?" Showing his disbelief that Gi Kwang is taller than him.

Kim Kura joked that Park Myeong Soo was still going to grow, to 170cm to 178cm until Park Myeong Soo will become 190cm tall causing laughter among them.

Source: Nate News
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ Dailykponews