[news] Orange Caramel is popular among elementary students

After School's sub group "Orange Caramel" has been widely popular among Elementary School students!

Orange Caramel debuted on the 18th on Music Bank with their song "magic girl" where they had a retro pop song where they staged cute and sporty outfits also showing a "cartoon-like" image.

On the 20th, after their performance at Inkigayo, Orange Caramel's website crashed due to huge traffic and the server was down for nearly 7 hours.

Orange Caramel are very popular nowadays especially for elementary school students due to their concept that targets the younger audience. Unlike After Schools image which is sexy, Orange Caramel shows a more cute and loving concept appropriate for the younger audience.

Also, Orange Caramel will be having an event with Online entertainment site UFO Town this coming 27th to introduce the group to the whole internet community.

UFO town officials said, "Orange Caramel are hugely popular especially among elementary school students due to their unique concept showing a cute and sporty image also showing a distinctive stage performance, We hope that they will be recognized in Korea, Asia and all over the world".

Meanwhile, Orange Caramel's "Young and fresh" image are getting alot of interests especially to online users and due to it's popularity a lot of parody's have been uploaded online.

Source: Kona (nate news)
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ dailykpopnews