[News] One Day Before Debut Anniversary, 4minute Done It Again!

Last year, 4minute won the Mutizen Award on the 100th day after debut anniversary. Now, they did it again with their latest hit, HuH. Today, On M!Countdown, they won their first Number 1 for their HuH promotion, exactly one day before their debut anniversary on the same show. They defeated last week champion, CN Blue by 3 points. Watch the performance video below:

Besides that, they also perform their 2010 World Cup song, 'Fighting, Korea' for the very first time. It was a cute and encouraging performance indeed. Catch the brief performance:

During the award ceremony, 4minute was so shocked and seems like they cannot hold their tears anymore.

Although many have uncertain doubt over their new single, but this award just proved that they are here to stay on the music scene amidst all the top singers who are also promoting right now.

Reporting + Editing: Capri@4-minute.com
Videos Credit: 4minutePerf2@youtube.com