[News] On the golf course with Birdie Buddy’s cast UEE, Lee Da-hee and Lee Yong-woo

The first thing I thought when seeing these photos from Birdie Buddy was, Thank god the dreadlocks are gone. Maybe with that monstrosity out of the way, we’ll be able to focus more on the plot and the drama’s other qualities?
The golf drama starring UEE, Lee Da-hee, and Lee Yong-woo is filming much of its scenes at the High One resort in Gangwon province. These photos were taken on June 7 at the resort as the production filmed a competition wherein the two female characters, played by UEE and Lee Da-hee, are playing to gain membership into the semi-pro ranks.
Lee Da-hee, UEE, Lee Yong-woo
UEE described her country-girl Mi-soo character, saying, “She’s a free-spirited person, which makes it comfortable to act. Sung Mi-soo is easy-going and has a positive mind, which is similar to me.” Mi-soo has learned golf on a meager budget, and her hard-working ethic appealed to UEE. The pop star isn’t a complete newbie to acting, but this is by far her biggest role; she had a non-speaking part in Queen Seon-deok and was a secondary antagonist in You’re Beautiful.
Lee Da-hee, on the other hand, plays the daughter to a golf course owner and a formidable golf talent, and they become rivals. Lee Yong-woo’s John Lee character was a pro golfer with the PGA.
In addition to the three leads, a special appearance was made by Sohn Bo-ran, a reporter who used to be a pro golfer whose participation came at request of the producers. (She’s in the pink skirt.) On top of making an onscreen appearance, Sohn acted as golfing consultant for the two ladies and explained golf terminology used in the scripts.
The drama plans to wrap filming by September, although it doesn’t yet have a broadcaster.

Via: E-daily
Credits: dramabeans