[News] Netizens comment on Dara and Bom’s baseball game appearance

Girl Group, 2NE1, members, Park Bom and Sandara Park's recent baseball game appearance became a hot issue.

Last June 13th, the Lotte Giants VS Hanhwa Eagles went against each other at a baseball game held at the Sajik Baseball Stadium, in Busan. In the event, Sandara Park showed her pitching skills as she donned the Lotte Giants uniform and stood at the pitcher's mound.

The highlight of the day was Sandara's pitch. Her expression as she pitched the ball was cute. The baseball cap which was a bit too big for head head, plus the too big gloves on her thin arms, added to her cute image.

On the other hand, another member, Park Bom stood at the batter's corner in her hot, sexy image. Park Bom, standing to bat, exposed her thighs in shorts, wearing her matching Lotte Giants jacket and cap. The effect of Park Bom's "Lettuce diet" was made very apparent in her sexy figure, while she was swinging her bat as hard as she could.

The Lotte Giants, who were playing in their home court, showed the pictures of the girls 
in their official website. Netizens showed hot reaction with the photos.

"Why are you so cute, Sandara Park?" "I completely envy Park Bom's legs," "Park Bom, how did you lose weight so fast?" "Sandara Park's face looked so cute," were some of the comments. Meanwhile, netizens commented on Park Bom's lettuce diet with, "Let's all eat lettuce", suggesting amusement and interest.

Photo Source: Lotte Giants Official WebsiteArticle Source: TV Report http://news.nate.com/view/20100615n19017
Translated by 
knucklepink @ YGLadies.com