[news] Netizens chose Lee Hyori and Rain as the idols they want to spend Summer vacation with!

Solo Singers Lee Hyori and Rain has been chosen as the top female and male artist netizens want to spend their summer vacation's with!

On an event, a survey was conducted from June 14 to June 25, for 12 days about 1164 has participated in this event, where it's called "So Cool~ 2010 Summer vacation Survey event"

For the female category:
1. Lee Hyori - 28.2% (328 votes)
2. Shin Min Ah - 20.2% (235 votes)
3. Shin Se Kyung - 19.5% (227 votes)
4. Han Ye Seul - 18.0% (210 votes)
5. Moon Geun Young - 14.1% (164 votes)

Lee Hyori has been selected number 1 also last year back in 2009, making this her 2nd year in a row being chosen number 1. She has been chosen due to her "sexy icon" image and also because of her sexy bikni body with her S-line that is best flaunted on summer.

For the Male Category:
1. Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) - 27.4% (319 votes)
2. Lee Seung Gi - 23.1% (269 votes)
3. MC Mong - 22.8% (265 votes)
4. Kim Nam Gil - 16.2% (189 votes)
5. No Hong Chul - 10.5% (122 votes).

Rain has been chosen number 1 because of his long legs, luxurious body and his chocolate abs. He also has a charm and a good sense of humor to top it all off.

A lot of citizens are planning on spending a lot of money for summer vacation's oversea's. This is going to be one hot summer coming up.

Source: Newsen
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ Dailykpopnews