[NEWS] MBLAQ Mir "Shocked over hateful comments Controlling participation in varieties" Serious Confession!

MBLAQ Mir revealed the reason for why he isn't participating in variety programs.

Mir recently confessed on an interview with Hello TV Magazine that the reason for why he is controlling his participation in variety programs is because he was shocked over a comment during the beginning of his debut that read a child that got in through connections is at least funny.

Mir is the MBLAQ member that stays the latest in the practice room these days.

Mir also revealed a story that after the first album promotions were over he missed his parents back at his hometown so much that he packed his bags and went all the way to Yong San station but however realizing that he will be that much left behind in practice went back to the dormitory.

Mir that loves to hear the words 'chic-dol' revealed his hopes "In the future I want to be a rapper that is filled with emotions like Tiger JK."

On the other hand, Mir said "In order for this song 'Y' to become first place I know too well how much effort and support the fans have put in" and after revealing his thankful heart revealed "If we do get first place I want to yell out to both the fans and Rain that raised us a thankful greeting."

MBLAQ is on June 3rd's Mnet 'M Countdown' candidacy for first place. Many are interested if Mir will be able to yell out Rain's name.

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