[NEWS] MBC & WGM producers furious with Kwon and GaIn

Will the Jo Kwon & GaIn couple be okay?

MBC's popular variety show WGM's representative couple, Jo Kwon and GaIn, has been cast under an uneasy shadow that shows no signs of retreatment due to a feud between the companies of WGM producers and the agencies of Jo Kwon and GaIn.

Endearingly nicknamed the 'Adam Couple,' the couple has pulled WGM to the height of its fame by pulling in fixed viewers with their charms. With the Cheonanham tragedy last April and threats of a strike, the return of the couple after four weeks brought flocks of happy viewers to the show's message board, leaving comments such as, "I'm glad we're able to see them again," and "They're so lovely."

But what brought the Kwon-GaIn couple into the gloomy shades of WGM's producers and MBC was due to a surprise appearance GaIn made on SBS's Family Outing 2. With Kwon already being a fixed cast on a rival company's program, MBC became furious once they found out that GaIn, too, had entered the show without permission.

Because of that reason, GaIn's group, the Brown Eyed Girls, were met with considerable obstacles in appearing in MBC's music program, Music Core, and were met with unfavorable circumstances. Jo Kwon's group, 2AM, were also met with the same cold treatment due to his casting in Family Outing 2.

Associates of GaIn and Jo Kwon expressed, "We didn't do it on purpose. This is ridiculous," regarding the two's participation in Family Outing 2. Although they tried to clarify this with MBC and WGM, their clarifications were refused, leaving GaIn and Jo Kwon's associates with feelings of frustration that they are trying to hide.

It seems as if the producers of WGM2 are having a hard time dealing with the fact that they put in so much effort in creating the 'Adam Couple' image and finally having it succeed, only to have a rival company's program steal all of that away. Not only that but SBS is currently the only company broadcasting the world cup, furthering the ill feelings with MBC and KBS.

With the addition of the Khun and Victoria couple, rumors also began to surface about the leave of the Kwon and GaIn couple, causing the producers to deny such rumors. However, it is true that the couple will be faced with shorter broadcast times.

Fans are also warning the producers of WGM2 that it was the 'Adam Couple' that brought season 2 of WGM where it is today. The success of season 1 was created by couples such as Andy & Solbi and Crown J & Seo Inyoung.

Although the Jo Kwon-GaIn couple is being met with resentment from the producers, it seems as if there will not be any major changes taking place with the show.

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