[News] Lee Kikwang, "If Park Shiyeon Noona Came Into 'Hot Brothers'..."

[티브이데일리=이윤지 기자] 비스트 이기광이 배우 박시연을 향한 마음을 공개했다.

MBC TV '놀러와' 뜨거운 형제들 특집에 출연한 이기광이 박시연을 향한 뜨거운 마음을 공개했다.

이기광은 '뜨거운 형제들에 영입하고 싶은 여자 멤버' 중 하나로 박시연을 꼽으며 "정말 예쁘다. 한 번도 실물을 본 적은 없지만 주변인들이 착하고 아름다우시다고 칭찬을 하더라" 며 박시연을 '뜨거운 형제들'에 영입하고 싶은 마음을 드러냈다.

이기광이 뽑은 '뜨거운 형제들에 영입하고 싶은 여자 멤버' 나머지 두 명은 방송을 통해 공개될 예정이다.

뜨거운 형제들이 뜨거운 입담 대결을 펼치는 '놀러와' 뜨거운 형제들 특집은 오는 28일 밤 11시 15분에 방송된다.

[TVDaily = Reporter Lee Yoonji] It was revealed that BEAST's Lee Kikwang had a leaning heart towards actress Park Shiyeon.

Lee Kikwang, who appeared in the special episode of MBC TV 'Come To Play' with the hot brothers [from 'Hot Brothers'], revealed he had a hot heart for Park Shiyeon.

Lee Kikwang chose Park Shiyeon for "the female member you want to recruit into 'Hot Brothers'" and he revealed the heart of wanting to recruit Park Shiyeon into 'Hot Brothers' by saying, "She's really pretty. Although I have never seen her in real life, people said she was kind and beautiful."

The other two females that Lee Kikwang picked for "the female member you want to recruit into 'Hot Brothers'" will be revealed through the broadcast.

The competition between the hot brothers and their talking skills will unfold in the 'Come To Play' Hot Brothers Special Edition on the 28th at 11:15 PM.

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