Kim Sooro as an actor with MBLAQ has been cast on Mnet ( Artist college top series) Season 4.
MBLAQ known as the group owned by the world star RAIN, attended on arts program, '예능돌' and showed some charisma.MBLAQ showed their talents on music with a beautiful appearance and clever musicality and made it great on that last various entertainment program.
Kim Sooro as the actor on 'God of Study' known as the one who got charisma and tough and hard hitting which is the opposite of Kim Sooro on Family Outing. He showed his natural side of him, with some witty joke that make people love him more.
PD Lee Sun Yung said, "with Kim Sooro, who already known about his latest drama with student i expected the best from MBLAQ. They has been so popular nowadays because their charms and friendly character and achieved the first place on M countdown which is the best so far."
Meanwhile, Seo In young, MC Mong, Nicole, Kim Sooro and MBLAQ, the last episode TV program <연예인 대학가기 시리즈> will be broadcast on Mnet in the end of July this year.

credit: thestar.chosun