[news] Jo Kwon's special serenade to Gain to be released as a Digital Single

Jo Kwon will be releasing a solo digital single titled "The Day I confessed"

On the episode that aired last 26th, Jo Kwon made a surprise confession to Gain as the song he sung to her which he titled "moving song" will be released as a digital single but with a different title. The song which was worked on by a new composer was made as a gift to Gain.

2am's agency said, "Jo Kwon has made a surprise event for Gain as we were flooded with requests from fans to hear the song he sung to Gain, we have decided to release it as a digital single".

The composer Shim Eun Ji worked on the song and finished it. It is about a confession of a guy to a girl, and even if the song at first sounded bad, thanks to the bright personality of Jo Kwon, the song was completed.

The digital single "The day I confessed" will contain a more mature lyrics and melody and will be an upgraded version of Jo Kwon's serenade to Gain.

Source: Newsen
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ Dailykpopnews