[news] Jinwoon and Park Kyung Lim's huge height gap

On the recent episode of MBC's Starry Night radio show, 2am's Jinwoon was the guest for the night.

Photo's of Park Kyung Lim and Jinwoon was recently revealed on the official website of the radio show, and in the two photo's you can see both of them head to head in the photo's.

Jinwoon just got back from Africa and he has been busy with individual promotions recently, just like appearing as guest for the radio show.

In the photograph, they were both smiling and the great difference of their heights attracted a lot of attention. At the first photo you might think both have the same height but actually DJ Park Kyung Lim was standing on a chair.

Netizens complimented Jinwoon's height as the height difference from the two was very impressive.

Park Kyung Lim's height is 160cm while Jinwoon is 185cm, Jinwoon is 25cm taller than Park Kyung Lim. If they stand right next to each other, Park Kyung Lim can only match up to Jinwoon's shoulder.

Source: Newsen
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ Dailykpopnews