[news] Jessica and Krystal, Sisters but shows off totally different charms

Superior Genes Sister Jessica and Kyrstal has similar faces but pulls off totally different charms.

SNSD member Jessica and f(x) member Kyrstal along with Sulli were present on the Tony Burch store opening last June 23.

The three girls attracted a lot of attention especially due to the closeness of the two sisters and also their friendship with Sulli, Jessica had a sisterly relationship even with Sulli.

As usual, the three ladies showed off their impressive fashion sense, being sisters with exquisite taste, Krystal appeared with a black mini dress while Jessica wore a gold mini dress both showing different charms.

The two sisters were fluent in English which impressed the designer Tony Burch. Due to their fluency in English, Tony Burch admired them and were able to communicate with them properly and gave her thanks to the girls for attending also giving them a hug.

The sisters appeared together but both have different charms and even if they look alike they still differ in personalities.

Source: Newsen
Credits: BLueprincess824 @ Dailykpopnews