[NEWS] H.O.T's Jang Woo Hyuk plans on Tour Concert! BABY V.O.X 3rd Gen in China!

Jang Woo Hyuk plans on tour concert!
Jang Woo Hyuk Hyuk is Confident to the company, hopes to become Korea Artists' example:

Hua Yi Music (WooHyuk's signed company in China) recently received very much attention regarding the many changes inside the company. The issue has finally settled down; Jang Woo hyuk, as their new korean artist signed under Hua Yi Music has expressed his own view on Hua Yi Music merged back under Hua Yi Brothers.

"Hua Yi Music provides me with numerous opportunities for me, and opens many doors for me; it is a big place for my personal growth.
This company is the best by far, and that's comparing with Korea and other Inland China cooperation.
"I always believe that the company has both the strength and ability, I would give all my best to this place."
"Not long ago I signed with the company; they already held a concert for me in China!
As you can see that the company has high efficiency. Very soon, they will hold a Tour Concert for me, so I will to build a good relationship with the company and we can work together in the music industry.
I don't want to be like what other thinks: Korean entertainers arrived to China only to make money, after that they will leave immediately.

Jang WooHyuk's manager indicated that he enjoyed working with Korea and wishes to use this chance to expand the development and strength the relationship among Korean Entertainments.
Besides Woohyuk, this year Korea will team up with Hua Yi Brother Music to promote a female group in China- BABYVOX 3rd generation.
Right now they are still selecting the Chinese member for the group.
However Jang WooHyuk had no idea about this event when being asked about the upcoming female group. What he does know is that he will be participating in many charity events in the near future. He is very confident about his work, and he is currently planning the tour event!

Source: www.gxtv.cn
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