[news] IRIS Japan beat's viewer rating on Korea and Big Bang tell me goodbye released!

Big Bang officially released their fourth single in Japan "Tell me goodbye" on the 9th of June.

"Tell me Goodbye" is an OST for the Japanese broadcast of the Korean original drama "IRIS", the Japanese version is getting a huge response from local fans. Because of TOP's participation in the drama which is also a member of Big Bang, it also contributed to the fame of the drama.

The Japanese broadcast of IRIS in Japan reached 52% viewer rating beating it's original broadcast viewer rating in Korea with 41.8%.

When IRIS was aired in Korea, big bang participated with their song "Hallelujah" as it's OST.

"Tell me Goodbye" is different from their previous OST as it is fast beat song with a piano medley, more softer than "hallelujah". Big Bang's vocals and rap combination went perfect for the song making it a huge success in Japan.

Meanwhile, This year Big Bang is expected to release a new album in Korea after 2 years of of being inactive in the Korean Music industry.

source: starnews
credits: blueprincess824 @ dailykpopnews