[NEWS] Industry associates speak up about Jay & a possible Korean management

Will Jaebum continue to remain silent about his private life?... What's next?

Omitted summary of Myspace controversy, jaypark.com message, JYPE termination.

It seems as if he is saying that he will not be speaking further about the problems from his past.

However, Jaebum will not be able to avoid his private life mistake for long. He will have to meet with reporters no matter what at the end of his movie filming for interviews.

The production aspect of Hype Nation has also been the interest of many. The movie has already failed various times before with brief reports of castings but the movie was never able to reach the production stage. Son Dambi was said to be starring but did not enter filming. The production stages has been a rough start for Hype Nation.

By casting Jaebum, the movie succeeded in attracting attention and creating an 'issue' out of itself. However, people must stand back and watch how it will be made, how it will be distributed, and how it will be promoted.

Jaebum's return as a singer is also in the limelight. Associates of the industry have stated, "While Jaebum was in America, Jaebum's associates have reached out to Korean managements regarding Jaebum's career. However, many companies were deeply opposed to him due to the problems of his private life. They were even more weary of him because of his relationship with JYP Entertainment."

Regardless, there are rumors circulating that Jaebum has already finished discussions with a Korean management and is in the contracting stage.

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