[News] How do celebrities return after disturbing the public?

How do celebrities return after disturbing the public? Frontal breakthroughs vs. Changing industries

The celebrity industry has many rumors and problems with the joys and sorrows of celebrities mingling day by day. It takes only a shameful act to drop a top celebrity to the ground.

Last year and this year, celebrities were caught up in an unusual amount of problems. An idol singer's drunk hit and run, a popular gagman's gambling and car theft and other shocking events that brought disappointment to their fans.

These celebrities can be classified into a variety of categories such as 'going overseas,' 'frontal breakthroughs,' and 'changing industries.'

There is also the exact opposite by opting instead to take a longer leave in order to reflect on one's self. In the case of celebrities that have yet to enter the military, they voluntarily enter before their comeback.

Let's examine the four different styles.

- Frontal Breakthrough Style

After the controversy is settled, the celebrity in question makes a full frontal comeback after taking a reasonable amount of time off and attempt to show a new image of themselves. Examples of such stars are Kwak Hanku and Kim Junho.

Kwak Hangu was caught stealing foreign cars twice and has recently returned as a used car dealer. By opening a new site for used cars, he's established a new life. Kwak Hangu stated, "I will show you that I will work hard. Please watch over me without any colored lenses." Regarding his comeback to the industry, he replied, "I am always interested in gag."

Kim Junho, after being met with a gambling controversy, returned to broadcasting. He returned last March on KBS 2TV's 'Gag Concert' and is now an MC on Ystar-TV's 'DC Inside Show.' He stated, "I'm still careful but I would like to show you that I am really reflecting on my actions through various different promotions. I want to show you that I am working hard."

- Changing Industries Style

There are celebrities that comeback through a different genre, for example, a singer coming back as an actor or vice versa. Returning through a new industry shows the celebrity's willingness to change themselves. Examples of such celebrities are Jaebum and Go Hokyung.

Jaebum ended his career in Korea after being swept in controversy for belittling Korea and withdrawing from 2PM. He left for America and has become the leading role for a b-boy movie called 'Hype Nation' and is currently in the midst of coming back as a celebrity. An associate of the movie stated, "He will be entering Korea for movie filming. You will be able to see good images of him working hard in the country."

Go Hokyung took time off after being suspected of drug abuse and has recently come back with a new album. Originally an actor, his return as a singer will be his first comeback as a celebrity in four years. He created a comeback project event in order to show his drive. His agency stated, "His comeback is still very careful so he will be promoting through performances as opposed to broadcast promotions. He will also be trying to work again as an actor."

- International Promotions Style

International comebacks are also being widely used. After being met with a controversy, stars that are careful of making a comeback within the nation opt to go this route. The positive aspects of this route is that it allows a constant exchange between their fans. Shin Hyesung and Yoo Seungjun are of such cases.

Last year, Shin Hyesung was caught in a gambling controversy but has recently announced his comeback with a concert in Japan under the excuse that the concert was unavoidable. The company stated, "The Japan concert was already scheduled so it was not possible to push it back any further. The only way for Shin Hyesung to repay his disappointed fans is to show himself reflecting on his actions through his singing."

Yoo Seungjun, who left Korea because of his military service controversy, is currently actively promoting in America and China. In an interview last February, he stated, "To me, Korea is my first and last. If I cannot stand back up in the place I fell in, there is no point. I don't expect to go back in Korea to work again but I do want to be forgiven."

- Military Service Style

There is also a lot of celebrities that use the military after being met with controversy. They are given two years of time that can be used as self reflection and can also obtain the image of a hard working person dutifully serving one's country. Super Junior's Kangin and Joo Jihoon are of such cases.

Kangin became swept in controversy last October for assault, drunk driving, and a hit and run. After paying $8,000 in penalties, he has volunteered to enter the military. By earliest, July, or by latest, October, Kangin wrote in his fancafe, "I am spending time by looking back on myself. Soon, I will be entering the military."

Joo Jihoon was caught for drug abuse last April and prosecuted with 6 months of prison labor, probation for a year, and 120 hours of community service. In February, upon entering the military, Joo Jihoon stated, "I will do my best to do everything asked. In two years, I will come back again with a nicer image."

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