[NEWS] Has Jay joined hands in marketing against his fans for Hype Nation?

'Hype Nation' Jaebum's clever marketing, He is dangerous

The Jaebum situation is like a movie in a certain way. After withdrawing from 2PM, less than a year has passed since he has returned as a movie star and many things have happened since then.

It is useless to see Jaebum through the lens of 2PM now. He is no longer associated with the group and an irrelevant person to JYP Entertainment. What is important now is Jaebum's future move.

Jaebum is the blue chip of the entertainment market. Of course, opinions regarding his worth reach both extremes but one must admit that Jaebum is the most effective celebrity from a business standpoint, regardless of what the reasons are for his sudden rise as a blue chip.

His fandom is anxious to spend money for Jaebum through whatever contents possible and he has become one of the biggest 'hot issue makers' of the Korean entertainment market. To put it simply, he is the best product in the market now that will bring in the highest income.

Because of such reasons, Jaebum must approach the market wisely. However, what he has shown us lately is upsetting. He put in so much effort in setting up the foundations for his comeback but is using marketing tactics that show its intent so clearly from the inside out.

On the 28th, news of Jaebum's participation in a national b-boy competition named 'Match One Skill' was reported. The official cafe for the competition announced that Hype Nation would be filming with them on the 16th, a notice that was put up before Jaebum's return.

According to the announcement, the year's competition would have a special feature of Hype Nation along with an appearance by Jaebum and his crew, AOM. There was even a follow up announcement stating that Jaebum would be able to go up on stage himself in order to let the fans see him as much as they could.

They would be selling 500 tickets to fans in advance on discount along with 500 tickets for members of the cafe.

Fans that heard of the news submitted their payments on the morning of the 21st. The 500 names and bank accounts were managed not by Jaebum's fanclub but by Match One Skill's team.

However, once Jaebum announced on his Twitter that he would not be participating in the competition but would be a part of the audience, fans began requesting a refund from Match One Skill. Fans also found out that Match One Skill had even sold an additional amount of seats to fans apart from the 500 set aside for an extra fee, adding to the feud with the fans.

Once the problem arose, an associate of Match One Skill reported that he would be discussing this matter with Jaebum himself and will be putting up a clarification announcement soon. The post in question is most likely the tweet Jaebum posted on the morning of the competition, the 28th, stating, "You can just get a refund."

It is wrong for Match One Skill to break a promise with the fans so easily but Jaebum's attitude in dealing with the problem is also wrong. He attempted to solve the entire thing with just one statement, as easily as possible. The even bigger issue here is that the associate of Match One Skill is, in fact, Hype Nation's choreography director.

These people used Jaebum in order to sell b-boy competition tickets to his fans. Once a problem came up, they did not attempt to solve it at all and pushed the entire weight of the issue onto Jaebum's apology post (on Twitter). Everything from the problems that arose from ticket sales to the solutions had Jaebum included in it in some way or form.

They attempted to make as much money as possible in the shortest time by using the hearts of Jaebum fans. The fact that this competition is even associated with Hype Nation is an even bigger problem. The truth of the movie itself is even being suspected now.

However, Jaebum was not just 'used' so innocently either. Jaebum himself is a part of this clever marketing tactic. Whatever happened, he promised to participate in the competition and later easily broke that promise. The fact that he so casually just stated, "You can just get a refund," is absolutely disrespectful to the fans that have waited for him for a long time.

There is a lot of empty, hot air under Jaebum's popularity. He must be able to fill that hot air and remove himself from the shadows of JYPE in order to confidently stand as an individual. However, actions that he is showing such as the above just shows that he himself is manipulating his own 'air,' which is what is upsetting.

What Match One Skill revealed to be the reason for Jaebum's drop out was due to safety problems. They worried for the fans of Jaebum. If so, they should not have sold so many tickets from the start. The fans and the press will not always be on Jaebum's side. He must not reign over his fans. He needs to remind himself how easily the public once turned their backs.

TV Daily, Journalist Kim Jihyun

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