[News] Hankyung Talks Rumor of Paying SM Penalty fee for Cancelling his Contract

Singer Hankyung came out to an official event after he filed a suit against SM Entertainment and revealed his upcoming activity.

Hankyung held a press conference in Great Wall Mutianyu with Chinese media and his attorney present on the 22nd. He discussed the release of his solo album and his lawsuit against SM. Hankyung revealed, "After today, I will be officially doing solo activity."

Also, he revealed that, "on July 17th and the 18th, I will be having a concert where my fans can preview my solo album titled 庚心 which will be officially released on the 27th. His attorney added that, "even though the lawsuit against SM is ongoing, Hankyung releasing his solo album and doing solo activity is all legal."

After Hankyung was involved in a lawsuit against SM for cancellation of his contract, many rumors surfaced such as 'someone is helping Hankyung from behind,' and 'he signed a contract as a member in a group of 8 people.' During the press conference, he discussed the rumors surrounding him.

Hankyung claimed that, "the rumor of me trying to gather $2,000,000 to pay the penalty fee for canceling the contract is not true." He explained that, "if I win against SM, I don't have to pay a dime. So that will not happen."

Lastly he said, "I've been practicing my choreography since January and my upcoming solo album will not be related to Super Junior. The album will be comprised of songs for me."

Meanwhile, Hankyung has filed a lawsuit against his management company SM Entertainment on December of last year to nullify the effect of his contract. Afterward, he stayed in China for 7 months instead of joining Super Junior on stage.
Source: Sports Chosun
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM