[News] Hangeng talking about the lawsuit: Stepping out of the misery, handing the case to the lawyer

On 11/6 it was reported that Hangeng, who has left Super Junior and is now working on his own, showed up for the 1st time in Beijing to talk about the termination of his contract, and has also revealed his new work plans. "In Korea, artistes terminating their contracts are very common, if that artiste is a solo artiste, the termination just needs to go through he necessary procedures to complete, but it is more sensitive if that artiste is in a group, as he/she not only needs to face the company, but also the fans and members who make up the group who have been together for many years," Hangeng says. He adds, no matter how painful the process is, at least now his worries are gone, as for the court case, he has already given it completely to his lawyer to handle. Now work is his top priority.

Hangeng has revealed that while working with music, he also wants to enter the big screen*, "I have always been interested in acting, my dream is to act with my idol Jackie Chan in shooting a martial arts film, it has always been my wish(!) If I can act in a movie, I hope to change my image and act as an unusual character, even if I have to shave my head bald or act as an ugly person."

Hangeng says that now the most important thing is to promote the Asian Games, he hopes that through the song《亚运有我精彩之吉》**, he can get the people of China to pay more attention to the Asian Games. 

Literal translation, most probably meaning "to start acting"
** Name of the song he sang for the Asian Games

source: ent.183.com
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