[News] Han Geng’s Album Name

The name of his new album is…涅盘庚新, the English name is Nirvana Renew.
For those who don’t know, “涅盘” or Nirvana is a Buddhism term, it means being free from suffering, it also means the perfect peace of the state of mind.
If you’ve noticed “庚” Geng is the same “庚” in Han Geng’s name.
“新” means new.
Below are caps from ths show

Besides, Hankyung's friend also updated his Weibo about his feeling after chatting with Hankyung:

Dazuo’s Weibo: 今天和韩庚聊完有两大感受:

Trans: After chatting with Hankyung today, I realized two things: 
1. When people do the most unexpected things, they always have their own reasons;
2. Hankyung fans that have suffered for the first part will be relieved, and they will be unbelievably happy.

Credit: Chinese Yahoo & Dazuo Weibo
Translated by: elf101586@sapphirepearls.com
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