[news] First half of the year's top 20 songs!

The First half of the year has already ended!

Previously, the top 10 most album sales were announced already but this time it is the top 20 songs with the most sales and online downloads has been released.

KT Music has released on the 30th the top 20 songs that has done impressively well in the first half of the year from January 1 to June 28. 15 out of the 20 songs are from idol groups making it 80% of the total songs are from idol groups.

Check out the full list.

1. SNSD - Oh!
2. 2am - I can't let you go even if I Die
3. 4men feat. Jang Hye Jin - Don't laugh, Don't cry
4. CNBlue - Love
5. KARA - Lupin
6. Tiara - I go crazy because of You
7. Hyuna feat. JunHyeong - Change
8. Lee Soo Young feat. Baek Chan - What love is
9. Jo Kwon and Gain - We fell in love
10. Seeya, Davichi and Tiara - Wonder Woman
11. Tiara - Like the first time
12. SNSD - Run Devil Run
13. 2am - I’m Sorry I Can’t Laugh For You
14. Tiara - Bo beep, Bo Beep
15. MC Mong feat. Seo In Young - Bubble love
16. Yim Jae Beom - Stigma (Chuno OST)
17. After School - With U
18. 2am - I did wrong
19. Min Kyung Hoon - It's love cause it's painful
20. BEAST - Shock

Also, from January 1 to June 28, Super Junior and SNSD have dominated the album sales, Super Junior's 4th full album Bonamana had 119,989 sales as well as their Version B selling 46,138. SNSD's second full album Oh! had 117,776 album sales and their repacked album Run Devil Run had 49,194 Sales.

Source: Starnews
Credits: Blueprincess824 @ Dailykpopnews