[News] Fans supporting Dancing King, Hangeng was touched and in verge of tears

On the 4 June, the opening ceremony of ‘Million Cheers for Asian Games’ was held in Beijing. Two famous idols Bibi Chow and Hangeng, Olympic diving gold medalist Hu Jia, well known MV producer Jinhe Lin, as well as leader of the Asian Games Organizing Committee and senior partner of the Games, Wang Laoji attended the ceremony. It was also the day that the MV of theme song《亞運有我精彩之吉》was first released.

That day, fans of Bibi Chow and Hangeng was there to join the activity, both fan clubs even prepared a secret present for their idols as a sign of support. Hangeng’s fans has paid a lot of effort into this present, as few hundreds of them stayed under the sun, forming the word ‘庚’, and holding the light boards, yelling slogan of ‘Hangeng, Asian Games having your wonderful participation, we will support you forever!’. Seeing the passions and cheers from his fans, Geng was feeling surprised and shocked. When the MC told him that the fans had planned this from 30 May, Hangeng was much touched, and in a voice choked with sobs, he said ‘Thank you very much for all your support, I had never given up, and I will remember all the things that you had done for me.’

According to other news, the theme song《亞運有我精彩之吉》had already came the first in various music charts, arousing lots of attentions in the net. As the singers for this song, Bibi Chow and Hangeng hoped they could call for more people to join‘Million Cheers for Asian Games’ through this song, together with 1000 idols to cheer for the Asian Games, for details, please go to the official web.

credits to ent.hunantv.com
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