[News] Donghae come to Thailand as Presenter of 'MAXIM Contact Lenses'

June 21, 2010 around 8.00 pm. at Grand Hall Siam Discovery, Thailand. Super Junior's Lee Donghae flighted from Korea for being presenter of Beauty contact lens product and contact lens for presbyopia under 'MAXIM Contact Lenses' brand.

Donghae appeared in black T-shirt and jeans in easily style among a lot of screams from Thai ELF around 2 500 people who came to Siam Discovery for welcoming the handsome guy of Super Junior.

Today, Donghae said "I'm glad to work in Thailand again. I would like people to pay attention on it. Personally, I thought I've a little bit sad eyes but also have the charm. I like brown contact lens. It looks good*. Am I sexy ?**"

Besides interviewing about Maxim's contact lens, he also joined in activities with 8 lucky fans by playing game about luck among the enjoyable. So the last 4 lucky fans would receive plate from Donghae. The fan who was holding the contact lens which same what contact lens Donghae chose would be that lucky fan and would be received the chance to make eye contact with Donghae.

Before leaving, Donghae revealed "I never thought before there's a lot of fanclubs who came to here for welcome me. Thank you very much. This is the first time I came to Thailand alone. I think I'll feel lonely but forget it, because I've a lot of fanclubs who pay attention to me then I don't feel lonely." He added "I wish you're very happy and don't forget to pay attention to my success. Thank you very much and maintain your health too. Don't be sick" He leave message to Thai fanclubs.

Meanwhile, he also didn't forget to persuade the fanclubs to cheer Korean team in FIFA WORLD CUP too.

However, Donghae and other members are doing activities in 'BONAMANA' song among a lot of loves from fanclub.

* It can mean 'Sexy' or 'Chic' 
** He said 'Am I sexy?' in Thai language

Thai to Eng translated by sonethloveshizz at sj-world.net

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