[NEWS] Beast's Yang Yoseob, surprise ceremony before the game against Uruguay, 'Confirmed Cutie Pie'’

[Newsen Reporter Lee Unhyuk]

A surprise photo was released of Beast's 'Pet Idol', Yang Yoseob.

In the afternoon of the 26th, Beast's Yong Junhyung gave an update about his life through Twitter. Yong Junhyung said "We've finished all our schedules in Singapore and now we're going to cross the border by land and head to Malayasia. ", "Yoseob's goodbye ceremony".

A picture of Yang Yoseob was revealed, wearing Yong Junhyung's sunglasses and in his hands, holding a lollipop and a water gun, while biting on a soccer ball plush. Normally, Yang Yoseob has received a lot of love from fans for his cute image. On this day, he held a special ceremony for the large game against Uruguay for the 2010 South African World Cup at 11PM.

In response to this, fans commented, "His face is really small", "It confirms that he's a cutie pie", "I have no idea what kind of combination this is", "I want to see you in Korea again soon", etc. Comments exploded from fans around the world.

Meanwhile, Beast ended their album activities with 'Special', and are currently in the midst of doing their Asia promotions.

(Picture = Yong Junhyung's Twitter)