[News] 4Minute disturbed by SISTAR's makeup

4Minute recorded for radio show 'PKL's Starry Night' on 14th June, after which photos from the show were uploaded online. In the first picture the members were squatting down with their heads kept low and drawing circles on the floor. In the other photo the members finally lifted up their heads but were seen pouting. Upon closer examination, one would realize there is not a single trace of makeup.

Girl group SISTAR also attended the radio show on the same day, but wearing full makeup, thus a big contrast between them and 4Minute members. Staff of the show said, "4Minute were really disturbed by this. They wanted to look pretty with makeup. Even the group's manager didn't allow joint shots to be taken, HyunAh also thinks her group members are the most beautiful. In the end, only 4Minute's group shots were taken."

After seeing the photos, netizens gave their utmost support, "4Minute is beautiful even without makeup, they look so pure."

Source: Korea Star Daily
Translation: kueensora@4-minute.com