[News] 4 Entries about Han Geng in Big Star

Today @ Big Star reporters gave 4 topics: Hangeng’s 13 year long dark contract, No leave when ill or visiting relatives, Genius with 56 tribal dances, Shocking the national university at 12 year old, Contract termination with all his will, Hangeng becomes his own boss; All of the questions above --- answered. Is he not a funny person? Hangeng, you deserve everything.

@ Big Star reporters prepared pictures of Lola Xie, Bibi Chang, Crystal Liu and Jacqueline Li* for Hangeng to choose his standards for his future girlfriend. After looking at the 4 pictures in detail, Hangeng decided that Crystal Liu is the most suitable, Lola Xie is fine, Jacqueline Li is cute and Bibi is very nice. He stated that his standards are: female, living, and has a nice heart (LOL)

Today @ Big Star his album name is revealed, we have to emphasise that this may not be the final decision, until the album is out, @ Big Star will update you. So please don’t spread the previous name of the album around as it will cause many misunderstandings. For people who have already done that, please wait till the album is fully released.

@ Big Star: Journalist group @ boya showed a previously leaked picture of a really “dark**” Hangeng. As Hangeng looked at it, he laughed out loud. After one minute, he finally catches his breath back and said: “I’ve seen that before, the author (?) is very talented! I really admire him! @ Dazuo says: “That means the picture is real, if you show the female reporters how handsome you really are, there is no way they wouldn’t pounce on you!

* All pretty chinese female stars
** Not sure what that means, but probably not a very nice picture of him.

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Translated by: xGabriella @ sj-world.net
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