[NEWS] 2PM chosen as Korea's representative Idol

Netizens chose 'Beast dol' 2PM as the World Cup representative idol of Korea.

Original Coffe & Bun Cafe Rotiboy is rooting for top 16 at 2010 FIFA South Africa World Cup and used the topic 'The idol group that would show a fantasy play if he was a soccer player on the Korean team for World Cup?' for Rotiboy's homepage online survey that started on May 11th and ended on May 30th.

There were a total of 272 people who voted for this survey and with 127 of the votes reaching nearly 50% of the support, 2PM received the glory of becoming Korea's representative idol group.

2PM made a flamboyant comeback with their title song 'Without U' and now has the most popularity evident through their rankings on individual music charts and normal appearances on show programs showing their ability to digest both group and individual activities earning the title as the entertainment industry's best multi players.

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