[News] 2AM Jung Jinwoon, "Vuvuzelas are hard to blow but they're fun"

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's Jinwoon, who recently visited South Africa in order to cheer for Korea against its game against Greece, has once again expressed his desire to return.

Jung Jinwoon shared stories about his stories to South Africa, along with Narsha and others, on the 16th with Money Today Star News. They had returned to Korea on the 14th.

Jinwoon said, "Korea is on the threshold of making it to the final 16, and I'm sorry I can't be there to watch it directly," and "I want to go back to South Africa together with my (2AM) members," he revealed.

On the vuvezelas, which are gathering attention that is not attention with their loud sound, Jinwoon said, "They are loud but fun instruments," and "Before the start of the game, I managed to improvise enough to play the vuvuzela with a South Africa high school student. Everyone said they're hard to play, but they're fun," he opined.

Reported by: Kim Ji Yeon
Credit: Money Today Star News via NATE
Article: http://news.nate.com/view/20100616n11378

Translated by 49.5bananas
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