[News] 2AM coming to Singapore in July for a Concert

700days since their debut, Kpop band 2AM will come to Singapore on the 10th next month.

On the 10th Of June, 2AM have debuted for 700 days already. This group was formed by the same producer of Rain and Wonder Girls, JYP. 2AM's members have chocolate abs and choreography that will not lose. Dancing skills is a common selling point in many other Kpop boybands, but they are of an exception to this skill, they go along the lyrical line to create a soft prince image as their selling point.

 When the debuted, their producer JYP decribed their musical style as what people would listen at 2 in the middle of the night, enjoying the music in peace. How enjoyable is their music? 2AM will be coming down on the 10th of July for Singaporeans to hear them live.

At the end of April 2AM were promoting their album 'I Did Wrong', after which they flew to the United States as JYP's guest performers. After awhile they revisited the United States to perform with 2PM to show their support for their JYP sisters, the Wonder Girls.

They have a packed schedule but Warner Music Singapore have successfully managed to invite them over to Singapore so they are able to meet their Singaporean fans for the first time. They will promote their album 'I Did Wrong' in Singapore. They will not only hold a press conference and be on radio, they will also hold a concert on the 10th.

These are the details of the concert:
Date: 10th July (Saturday)
Time: 5:30pm 
Venue: IMM Level 3 Garden Plaza

Sr: Omy || 联合晚报
Cr: Wei Ting@Dkpopnews for translation