[news] 1N2D fan meeting, Yoon Doojoon is afraid of heights? Yong Junhyung places last? Son Dongwoon's tears?

BEAST Yoon Doojoon reveals “I can't even dream about bungee jumping because of my fear with heights”

BEAST’s leader Yoon Doojoon showed a surprising different side of him.

In the episode SBS E!TV ‘E! News Korea’ that will be broadcasting the 1 night and 2 day BEAST fan meeting on June 24th, Yoon Doojoon couldn’t hide back his nervous expression for the zip line adventure that he had to do as a punishment.

Yoon Doojoon revealed, “Actually I have a fear of heights,” and added, “I enjoy water sports, but leisure sports and bungee jumping, I never had done it, and I don’t even think about trying.”

However, while he was scared on his own, he still gave courage to the fans who were scared about the zip line adventure as well, showing his tender side and making the mood around his surrounding better.

Other than Yoon Doojoon, Lee Kikwang and Song Dongwoon, who has also lost in the game went on the zip line adventure with the fans as well.

Broadcasted 8pm on June 4th.

BEAST Yong Junhyung, embarrassment due to last place on the quiz, “I’m actually smart”

The male group BEAST’s Yong Junhyung faced embarrassment from his fans?

The cable TV show SBS E!TV ‘E! News Korea’ came to the location of BEAST’s fan meeting that they had gone to for 1 night and 2 days with the fans.

On this day, the charismatic rapper Yong Junhyung attracted attention from the fans by showing off a different side from his strong stage presence.

In a quiz battle between the fans and the members, Yong Junhyung had shown off a surprising weak side and eventually placed last.

To this he stated, “There was a time where I was cursed by my members on a different quiz program because I messed up,” and added, “I’m sorry to those who place last because of me and I will promise to personally heal today’s pain,” apologizing to his fans.
In addition he attracted laughter when he said, “Maybe it is because I’m overwhelmed by quizzes, but I really have a good ability with making very smart phrases.”

The 1 night and 2 days fan meeting scene that the fans and BEAST spent special time with will be broadcasted at 8 o’clock on the 4th at ‘E! News Korea’.

BEAST maknae Dongwoon reveals his 20th birthday party!

BEAST’s maknae Son Dongwoon’s 20th birthday party with 100 fans will be shown on SBS E!TV (www.sbs.co.kr) ‘E! News Korea’.

In the 1 night and 2 day fan meeting BEAST and the fans left for, the members and the fans prepared a surprise birthday party for Son Dongwoon’s birthday party coming up on June 6th.

Not knowing about the birthday party, the expression of surprise and happiness was evident on Son Dongwoon’s face as everyone sang the birthday song as the cake came on stage.

To this Son Dongwoon stated, “This was a event that we invited the fans to, but I’m really sincerely thankful for taking care of my birthday as well.”

This being the first time he had spent a birthday with his fans after debut, Son Dongwoon eventually ended up showing tears, and it is said that he continually thanked his fans until the party was over.

Son Dongwoon’s 20th birthday party and the behind story of the 1 night and 2 day fan meeting scene will be shown on SBS E!TV ‘E! News Korea’ at 8 o’clock on the 4th.

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