[Interview] MBLAQ for 'Hello TV' June issue, all 5 members updated!

Mischievous boys that have spirit, MBLAQ!

The long awaited five warriors that Singer Rain has raised ended up being lively joking boys as soon as they entered the studio. While one member was doing an individual cut the others would join together and play, sleep, eat, and just have a good time together. It almost seemed as if they were a bunch of puppies rolled over on the wood floor that the sun was beaming on. Just by looking at them our hearts were warm. However I quickly began to worry how these pure boys would able to live in the war against all the other idols these days. However those were just imaginary fears. A few days later the MBLAQ that came back with their second album title song 'Y' were not the little boys that we met at the filming site. That giddy and powerful performance!


Yang Leader: Although they call me Leader, because there is no huge age difference and no underage members we're all like friends. On top of that the two younger dongsaengs have deep thoughts and also have leadership. Although I've joked on broadcasts that I was the class president during my school days, in actuality there is a big gap between being the class president and the leader.

Uhm Chin Ah*: Once during an interview because I didn't know what the word 'Uhm Chin Ah' meant it somewhat became a big issue. In reality I didn't really know the words 'Ji Moht Mi**' and the word 'Real' meant either. I think it's because although I do go on the internet like the others, but if it's not something within my interest I pass over it. If it's not something I'm interested in then it doesn't come into my eyes. The things that interest me are mostly mechanics. These few days I'm playing around with an ipad.

Right Now: I live by thinking never to push something back but complete everything in the present. It's because I don't want to regret not doing something hard workingly. I think that although it may be hard I might as well do one more thing right now. When I was around 21-22 I was very free. It was the time when I gained money by doing piano lessons and teaching apparatus gymnastics. I can say that I played as much as I wanted to. Then when my friends were going to the army, I started my trainee period. So that's why I feel sorry that the dongsaengs right now are filled with heavy practice and packed schedules so that they don't have their own individual time.

My Origin: Although at first the piano was something I thought I would learn for a while and then get sick of it, because of my mother's consideration I was able to learn once a week for about 20 minutes continuously. I learned apparatus gymnastics separately and in middle school b-boying, and then in high school I was active in the dance team I was in. Before I was a trainee besides singing at the karaoke room I don't remember ever singing in front of someone. I never knew that the various crafts that I enjoyed then would become my basis now.

Future: Because I majored in acting when I was in college I slightly wish for a future with acting. However my main goal right now is a musician. Once there was a time that GO and I sang 'This Love' on SBS E! TV and gained good reactions but honestly because we were urgently casted we both felt something missing. If another chance comes then this time I want to prepare properly and display my capability.

*Uhm Chin Ah - short for Umma Chingoo Ahdul which stands for 'Mother's Friend's Son'
**Ji Moht Mi - short for Jikyuh joo ji Moht heh Mianhae which stands for 'Sorry I couldn't Save You'


Y: 'Y' is the song Jihoon hyung wrote for his own title song but got stolen from us. The moment we listened to it we immediately became captivated. Although we've heard that now we should have a peaceful color for only MBLAQ but maybe because we have Jihoon hyung as our mentor we're all still comfortable with remaining within Jtune's color. When our capabilities get stronger won't our own color just naturally grow thicker? We just started standing up and walking but you want us already to run?

MBLAQ's Vocal: Before this because of the news that 'TY Keys' was a group that relatively sang well I was somewhat burdened. I don't want to be rated that my capability lowered. Because this second album was not prepared while we completely shut off all our other activities so it was hard to match with the practice times. All our schedules are different and a usual variety program's regular recording time takes up to about 8 hours if long. In the midst of this the members who could meet would practice together or when all the filming was done around dawn we would all get together and practice our vocals. Although many people helped us a lot I'd especially like to say thank you to Taewan hyung and Jihoon hyung.

Now 'Shaved GO': Our first album title 'Oh Yeah's' concept was chic. I grew a mustache in order to be shown as a 'chic-dol.' So then I became 'Facial Hair GO.' During our following song 'G.O.O.D Luv' I honestly wanted to shave my mustache. Isn't a mustache too much to fit with a cute song? (Laughter) This album's style concept is dandy that a clean guy can express by wearing one t-shirt and one suit, I took out a lot of strength in order to show a lot whether it be by dance or singing. One of the 'things I took out' was the mustache.

Variety: Although because I am a singer my priority is music but it is also impossible not to follow the trend. I am thinking of doing my all with the chances that I get from both varieties and music programs. Juri nuna from Channel 'O'live takes care of me as if I was her real younger brother. Although because it's a program that delivers fashion information, to act like a variety or, the outsider that I am to act as a professional was somewhat a hard point to overcome but because the rhythm of all the MCs is nicely fitting we film it while having fun. The only thing I am fearful of is the punishment. Although the person seeing it just gets over it with a laugh, the person that is receiving the punishment is extremely embarrassed because it's all so real.

Lee Joon

The Chance is Mine: After I was confirmed to be casted in the movie I was determined to naturally change my personality. I would think by myself, watch a lot of movies, and even study acting while receiving some stress. Although the time wasn't that long, before I went to sleep I would be looking, listening and thinking. The cast was way too big for me to become lazy and do it carelessly. Even though it wasn't me wouldn't everyone else do it like me too? How can you just simply throw a huge chance like that.

The amount of effort gone with the given amount of time: If I wasn't casted into the movie I could have still been in a temporary absence from school, if I hadn't gone around auditioning I would have been doing part time jobs, I could have been at home rolling around while eating ramen at home. Although I majored in dance and was happy I didn't think about it as my job. After transferring to a girl and boy school I didn't want to lose to a girl that was better than me so I tried even harder. Through that I was even able to transfer to Korean Arts Synthesis School, whatever I do, even if I game in order to win I do my best. It's because although it may be extremely hard when the time passes I know the feeling of it not being that big of a deal. Because the action scenes that were as hard as death were hard I didn't realize it was tiring because of all the good results.

Variety: I'm actually not that much of a fun person. It's just that the viewers like that the young I tell situations of Jihoon hyung doing something shocking or absurd. I like being by myself and I'm the type to be slightly afraid of getting connected to new people. Although I have a more or less dark personality I was just lucky in varieties. Or is it luck with one's acquaintances? The reactions are good because people funny people like Park Kyunglim nuna, Shin Bongsun nuna, or Jung Juri nuna give reactions and take in my words. Although I have no intention of being that funny when I talk without thinking people just start to laugh. I just trying throwing something out there first.

Next Plan: I don't have very different plans for my futures. I just have one goal. I wish that the viewers of will see my next project and rate me as getting better at it. Although because MBLAQ activities is my main focus and I can't put up different plans I'm thinking of acting until the day I die.


Gentle in Appearance yet Strong: Now everyone knows that I was determined to become a singer after seeing Jihoon hyung dancing to 'It's Raining.' I want to be exactly like Jihoon hyung. That the perfect life that I drew. In order for me to achieve that life I have to give up everything, then I will make sure that life comes true. Although I hear that I'm kind, where is the rule that says you can't be malicious while being nice. If you call Jihoon hyung kind then there is no one to follow along. I as predicted can become as malicious as I want to be. Watch me.

Edit Out: I was casted in Comedy TV . I don't like being ruined, and I'm not really funny, and because my hand and feet capability isn't that great I keep thinking that I can't do variety. However not being able to it being casted in a different variety is fun. Although I was friendly to SHINee Key's teacher Irang nuna it was all edited out. And although I mastered two tumbling movements that as predicted was edited out so I only did one. I don't like editing out.

Support: Honestly there isn't something that is a strong support to me now. However I realized that naturally when there is something I want to do then I'm a person that does whatever it takes to get it. In varieties when I accomplish a mission I the achievement that cannot be explained with words. Becoming an MBLAQ member was also because I wanted to be in the team that Jihoon hyung was producing. Although I'm not sure about everything else my capability to understand is fast. I am the type that memorizes the choreography faster than anyone. It's just that I didn't learn my multiplications not that I'm stupid and can't do it. (Laughter)

The Musician I want to sing with: Of course Jihoon hyung. Next the person I want to do a rap production with is 2ne1's CL. Honestly because I only did vocal lessons up till now I don't know much about our country's rappers yet. I just admire when I listen to Dynamic Duo and Tiger JK seniors.


Want to be acknowledged through rap: When I get the feeling that I have to do music. That's when I barely started rap. The fact that I couldn't start it when I was even younger is a bit upsetting. Tiger JK hyung who fills each and every word with emotion is my mentor. After our first album activities during the 5 months that we rested I wondered a lot. Exercising is not for the goal of losing weight but to build up your body. Maybe it's because of the burden of our album but by its own accord I lost weight. Honestly speaking these days I am the one that stays longest in the practice room. Because the amount of hours that I practice is nothing compared to the amount of hours that the hyungs practice so I want to work hard to fill up that space

Although I like World Cup soccer is hard: I became a member of . I was introduced as the ace but I have not much talent in soccer. Since I had a weak lung, the soccer that was constantly running made it very hard for me to breath. I like basketball or tennis better than soccer.

Homesickness: After we finished our first album activities I thought a lot so I became depressed. Maybe because I was filled with homesickness I suddenly missed my father like crazy. I thought maybe if I go and see him once I'll get better so one day I packed my bags and got to the Yong San station but just came back. If I want to go home than I have to spend at least at minimum a half day. That much I will be trailing behind and I was uneasy about that so I couldn't go.

Music: I think during our first album I was filled with intimate conceit. After I finished I saw a lot of insufficiency. I was very sorry for all those that helped me. Because my capability is low Mir fans can't go to places and express their energy. I will certainly show a grown side so that the fans can go around with high shoulders. Even we know all effort that our fans put in to make us first place. This time I want to for sure get first place and give thanks to a lot of people. I especially want to yell out on stage 'Thank you Jihoon hyung.' I feel pride at the fact that Jihoon hyung raised us. An extremely sturdy feeling?

Famous with Capability: I like it better when I hear 'chic-dol' rather than being cute. I'm thinking of folding up varieties and acting until after I succeed as a musician. It won't happen with me being a nuisance. I once read a comment that said a kid that came from a parachute is at least funny. I was extremely shocked. Honestly they say by chance I got in but I didn't receive any special favors before, heuk. That's why I said I would control myself in varieties. I'm thinking of during that time I will practice till I die. Thankfully the company took care of me a lot.

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