[DKP Poll] Who wears it better? Big Bang GD or C.N. Blue Lee Jung Shin

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Both wore the same goth type satin top but only one of them work it out well?

Is it GD or Jung Shin?

G-Dragon did a photoshoot with Numero Korea making him their cover photo last 2008. GD became manlier and he really looks hot with those blavk gloves on holding those roses.

Lee Jung Shin also did a photo shoot but not with Numero Korea but for Vogue Korea. He also wore the same satin top matching with black pants. Only difference from GD is that he holds a cane and not roses.

Now for you guys? Who works it out better?

Feel free to vote and comment ^_^

Pictures cr: kokoreano
Posted by:sukira@dkpopnews.net