[DKP Exclusive] U-Kiss Showcase in Singapore

U-Kiss held their showcase on Monday, 21st June 2010.
Now, I'm gonna share some photos I took from the showcase.
And I'll write a simple fan account about what was happening during the showcase.

Enjoy the photos :)
*sorry for the quality, it was held in a club, so I guess we all know how is the lightning there, I'm not that close to the stage...

Right after the boys came to the stage, they sing Bingeul- Bingeul. After the opening performance, they had a little talk, and continue performing I Like You, and also Talk To Me.
After Talk To Me performance, they taught us some dance step of Talk To Me.

The next session, U-Kiss played a games with 5 lucky winners.
In this game, U-Kiss members got to draw something told by the MC, and the lucky fans got to guess what did they draw.
Eli was the first one get to draw, followed by Soohyun, Alexander, Kiseop, Kevin, Kibum, and last but not least Dongho.

Eli's drawing of carrot

Soohyun's drawing of milk

Alexander's drawing of onion

Kiseop's drawing of beer.

I didn't managed to get Kevin's drawing, sorry...
Kibum's drawing of tomato

Dongho's drawing of chili.
I thought that was socks for me^^

Right after the game, all 5 lucky fans got to hug them (envy them).
And they continue the showcase with a ballad song "End Of The Road",
followed by "Mworago"

2nd game time.
This time, the MC will ask a question about each member.
And other members, 5 (or 6) lucky fans have to write down their answer in the book.

First question is for Alexander
"What is Alexander favourite color?"

Soohyun got caught cheating by adding white in the end :)
2nd one is for Dongho
"When is his birthday?" where they have to include date, month, and year.

Next one is Eli
"Does he have a pet? What pet, what's the name of the pet (if have)?"

^ I love Kevin's answer about Eli's pet ^

Kiseop's question
"Does he have sibling(s)?"

Alexander & Kiseop hugged.
Wondering why?

Because Alexander answered "Yes, we are his brothers"
(how sweet ^^)

For Kevin's the MC asked
"Can Kevin swim?"

For some of you who were wondering when Alexander call Kevin as Mervin, it's because of this question.
Alexander created a new nickname for Kevin : Mervin, which is stands for Merlion + Kevin
(Merlion is Singapore mascot.... It's a mermaid, lion statue)

Kibum's question was "Is he right handed or left handed?"

Last but not least, Soohyun's.
His question is "Does he ever live overseas before?"

There's an interesting answer from a fan.
She answered : "He should stay here (Singapore) forever" <- So Agree with that ^^

The 2nd game finally finished, and again, all of them (lucky fans) got to hug them.

The showcase continued by all of us singing Happy Birthday for Dongho, and Alexander.
Alexander looks so surprised, because his birthday is a month after Dongho's
Both of them wished to have a concert in all Asia.

Lastly, they closed the showcase by singing their hit song "Man Man Ha Ni"

Credit : as tagged
Reported by : adela1991@dkpopnews

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